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Is Shipping Free? Yes, the cost of shipping is bundled into the price. You won't have any surprise costs. Other than taxes. No avoiding that. We ship free in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. Please note that orders going to Alaska and Hawaii will be packaged in white polymailers, no boxes. You might receive multiple parcels for your order, since case orders will be parceled out into individual mailers. 

How many Briefs come in a case? Most product have 3 bags of 12 for a total of 36. However, this number may vary in products like Inspire, and Overnight Boosters, which are 4 bags in the case. Non-rearz products may vary as well. We encourage you to read all product descriptions to obtain individualized information.

Can I get a Free Sample? At just any time no. We occasionally will post some Free Samples on the site as a way to help customers try before they buy, but these are limited and they go very quickly. We wish we could afford to ship these out more often, but we need to stay in business.

Do you offer Chat Services? No, we provide the best quality products on the market and delight in helping you get the best products for your money. If you wish to Chat about topics outside of helping you with your order and product descriptions or other customer service topics, we recommend searching for those services on a different site. We don't like to block people but it has happened when boundaries were not respected.

How long does it take for my order to arrive? Typically 2-3 days. We Ship every morning Monday-Friday, We don't ship if FedEX or USPS isn't picking up, Typically major holidays. We are located in Northern Utah. Your order may take longer the farther away you are.