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Dubbler Booster Pads

$35.00 - $120.00
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Now 20” long, 2500ml capacity, and with adhesive backing to help it stay in place. The best booster just got better, fend off the Soggers™ with these new Dubblers. 

Each bag has 14 diaper stuffers and 6 bags to a case. 
Tykables Dubbler booster pads for diapers are extra long, extra thick, and extra absorbent; about 2500 ml each. Making any daytime product a night time product, and makes any extended or night time diaper even better. Want some extra waddle, add a Dubbler for double the waddle. Long road trip, add a Dubbler. Movies? You get the idea. Works with all Tykables products and most other brands with tall leak guard. Tykables Dubblers makes any diaper better.