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Kiddo Little Sailor

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Ahoy there, tiny seafarers! Get ready to set sail on the high seas of cuteness with our Little Sailor ABDL Diapers. These nautical wonders aren't just your average diapers – they're your ticket to a diaper-changing adventure that even Captain Hook would envy.

Picture this: you decked out in these adorable diapers, ready to navigate the waters of potty training with style. With charming anchor prints and whimsical sailboats, these diapers make every diaper change a maritime masterpiece. Who says diaper duty can't be a pleasure cruise?

Crafted with the softest materials to keep your little sailor comfy, these diapers are like a gentle hug for your bottom. They're so cozy, even the grumpiest sea monster would crack a smile. And fear not, these diapers are equipped with leak-proof technology – because nobody wants a soggy ship!

But wait, there's more! Each pack of Little Sailor ABDL Diapers comes with a treasure trove of giggles, as the designs are so cute, they'll have everyone in the room saying, "Aww, ship me off to Cutie Island!"

So, why settle for plain old diapers when you can embark on a diaper-changing journey full of charm and whimsy? Little Sailor ABDL Diapers: because every little sailor deserves a sea of smiles! ?⚓️

4 plastic tape Plastic backed 5000 ml
Sold in bags of 10 
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70 - 100 cm
27,5 - 39,3 in

100 - 130 cm
39,3 - 51,1 in