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Kiddo Teddy Ultra

$16.99 - $48.00
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We are pleased to welcome Kiddo Diapers to our linup.  Their flagship diaper the Teddy Ultra ABDL Diapers – iswhere comfort meets capacity in the most adorable way possible! Say goodbye to leaks and hello to worry-free playtime with our diapers that boast an impressive 6000 ML capacity.

These briefs offer a cloth-backed outer surface and two fasteners, it gives you unrivalled freedom of movement and discretion. 

Crafted with the softest materials, Teddy Ultra ensures your little one stays snug and dry, providing the ultimate protection for those little adventures. The cute teddy bear prints add an extra touch of charm, turning diaper changes into a delightful experience.

Designed for the true connoisseur of comfort, Teddy Ultra ABDL Diapers embrace a balance between functionality and cuteness. Our diapers not only keep your little one dry but also offer a snug fit that guarantees freedom of movement, because we believe every waddle should be a joyful one!

Whether it's playtime, nap time, or just cuddle time, Teddy Ultra is the go-to choice for caregivers who value quality and style. Unleash the 6000 ML capacity and let your little one enjoy every moment without the worry of leaks. Teddy Ultra – where comfort, capacity, and cuteness collide!

Size M Waist 70 - 100 cm  27,5 - 39,3 in

Size L Waist 100 - 130 cm  39,3 - 51,1 in

Sold in bags of 10